A tanár-diák kapcsolat jellemzői a testnevelésben

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Révész László


The aim of the present study is to examine the teacher-student relationship in physical education. In the recent period, the subject of physical education has undergone many changes, everyday physical education has been introduced, the number of hours has increased, the National Core Curriculum has changed, but the focus of research has shifted little to the field of education. In our research, we examined primary and secondary school students (N=1158) using a questionnaire which has been adapted to the subject of physical education. The questionnaire measures students along three dimensions based on the 3+1Cs model. For the whole sample, considering the values of the three scales, we obtained the highest value for the “complementarity” subscale, followed by the “closeness” dimension, while the lowest value was obtained for the “commitment” scale. Accordingly, students mainly perceived the “complementarity” role of physical education teachers in the teacher-student relationship. In practical terms, this means that a teacher-student relationship that promotes cooperativeness is typical. The teacher supports collaboration by retaining the role of leader-educator. There were no significant differences between boys and girls in the studied areas, however, there was significant difference in some questions in the scales. Typically, boys rated higher their relationship with their PE teacher. Students who engaged in regular sports, like boys, rated their relationship with their PE teacher as better than students who did not exercise regularly. The results of our research confirm that the teacher-student relationship plays an important role in the development of learning outcomes.


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Révész, L. (2021). A tanár-diák kapcsolat jellemzői a testnevelésben. Magyar Pedagógia, 121(1), 3–23. https://doi.org/10.17670/MPed.2021.1.3

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