Reziliens szakgimnazisták felvételi mintázatai

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Józsa Gabriella


Today, there is an increasing emphasis on quality education, which is closely linked to the effectiveness of education as a measurable output, as well as on equity in education. Reports published in connection with OECD measurements have directed educators' attention to the phenomenon of resilience, a term generally used for students with an unfavorable family background but with outstanding performance. In our study, we aimed to identify residual vocational high school students in a five-year higher education admissions database. In our empirical analysis, we compared vocational high school students who meet the resilience criterion that we have defined, with other vocational high school students and academic high school students. Our results show that vocational secondary school resilience can only partially overcome the selectiveness of the school system, as a higher proportion of students with similar parameters are recruited to state-funded places from high schools than from vocational high schools.


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Józsa, G. (2019). Reziliens szakgimnazisták felvételi mintázatai. Magyar Pedagógia, 119(2), 151–169.