Felsőoktatásban tanuló siket és súlyos fokban nagyothalló hallgatók idegennyelv-tanulási motivációja Egy klaszterelemzésből levonható következtetések

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The aim of the investigation presented in this study was to map the foreign language learning experiences, motivation and learning strategies of deaf and severely hard-of-hearing individuals who were students at a higher educational institution or were pursuing tertiary level studies at any one time in the past five years. The authors were also interested in finding out the role participants attributed to the use of sign languages in the teaching and learning of foreign languages. Data collection took place in the framework of a 3-year international Erasmus+ project entitled “Language Skills of Deaf Students for International Mobility.” The participants were recruited from three participating countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. A barrier-free – written and signed – online survey was filled out by 54 respondents. The data were first subjected to a descriptive statistical analysis and then cluster analysis was also performed. The results show a controversial motivational profile for a substantial group of the respondents: they are interested in foreign languages and motivated to pursue foreign language studies, yet they are not convinced of their instrumental benefits. It was also found that not even the most motivated participants in the sample might be aware of effective language learning strategies with the help of which they would be able to enhance their language learning process. The research results highlight the importance of learning experience gained in primary and secondary education and the need for well trained teachers who are capable of catering for the needs of this very special group.


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Kontráné Hegybíró, E., & Csizér, K. (2019). Felsőoktatásban tanuló siket és súlyos fokban nagyothalló hallgatók idegennyelv-tanulási motivációja: Egy klaszterelemzésből levonható következtetések. Magyar Pedagógia, 119(2), 97–112. https://doi.org/10.17670/MPed.2019.2.97

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